45 Min


10 Portions



All ingredients I bought at Aldi (Ireland)

500g of lean ground beef (max. 5% fat)
5 lean unsmoked bacon medalions (brennans)
5 slices of lighter white cheese
4 slices of parma ham

For the meat:
2 chopped onions, powdered garlic, paprika and pink salt
1 egg

Method of Preparation

Mix the meat ,egg, onions, garlic, paprika and salt all in one bowl. Get a baking tin and grease it with a light spray.

Get half of your meat and spices and make the bottom of the loaf, put the bacon medalions first, then add the cheese and cover with the other half of the meat mixture (try to cover the sides with meat so your meatloaf won’t have cheese all over the tin (Like Mine!!)

Put the parma ham slice on top and place on heated oven (200 degrees) for 35 minutes! I served mine with salad and rice but you can choose anything you want!