Products that can not be missing in my kitchen

Nowadays many people buy products and do not read the nutritional chart and not even the ingredients that are present in the food.

On my last visit to Brazil, for example, I could not find ANY tuna (in oil or water) that only had tuna, water and salt. They all contained some more “ingredient” like vegetable extract, soy and so on. Below I have the picture of some products that are present in my daily life and you will realize that many similar brands contain additives, preservatives, starch, and thickener.

Frenchs Mostard

Sweetener Stevia- I like these two brands and sometimes I buy the unflavored envelope. Remember that I do not use coffee or tea. Use only in some recipes and in the porridge. I bought both brands on the iherb website.

Here in Ireland, I like to shop at Aldi where I buy the products below:
This wheatgrass powder I add in EVERYTHING, source of iron and does not change the flavor, so I put it in my morning pancake, my porridge and the cookies.
Chia – I like to moisturize her and make a jelly to mix with the morning peanut paste.
Gluten free oats! Perfect for porridge and cookies!

The Peanut Paste I use every day at my breakfast shop at a local grocery store, Holland and Barrets.