Lose Weight x Lose Fat

Many people ask me: How do I dry out? How do I lose belly fat? Or the legs? Or the old phrase, I can not lose weight! I go hungry and do not lose weight!

Well, I’m not going to go deep because I do not want to do a very technical post but try to explain by A + B because you achieve or not your goals.

Firstly … “Julia has difference between diet to lose weight and lose fat?” YES!!! I tell everyone this, losing weight on the scale is a simple math: You have to consume fewer calories than you spend. But you do not go out there counting every calorie you eat just like the people you formerly used, right? Taking soup, shake, living on lettuce? If you do this, please stop now!

The best way to lose weight and keep extra pounds well away from your body is by first changing your bad habits and improving your diet gradually. Eliminating frying, refined sugar, industrialized products and so on. Many people consume products lights, diets without even knowing that these products may be worse than the conventional versions!
Ideally, you should seek a nutritionist who can assist you with the best food choices based on your preferences. “Ahhh so I can drink beer 3 times a week, eat Saturday cake and Sunday pizza and I’m going to lose weight?” OF COURSE NOT! Let’s be realistic right, it is ideal to have a re-education food, where little by little you will change some items in your diet until you reach your goal. 2 years ago you would ask any friend / relative of mine if I could spend 2 weeks without having a drink over the weekend. The answer would be: NEVER, I love taking my booze (rum and coca diet) every weekend. Nowadays I drink more on special occasions and when I’m on vacation!

My breakfast 2 years ago was a sandwich with whole wheat bread, turkey breast, cottage, and avocado. Today my breakfast has egg, peanut butter, chia and myrtle jelly. Was my breakfast bad? EVER, however, it does not fit my current goals. People change, habits change and you end up adapting (I can not imagine my breakfast in a different way today, I LOVE IT!)

But back to the point: diet to dry, set and appear the gominhos is MUCH more difficult than you think. If we analyze this way, your body will be consuming the “extra” fat and will not be replenishing, will you feel weaker? YES! Are you going to be a little hungry? Inevitably: YES! However, with the right foods and the right exercises and the right professionals, it is possible to achieve this.

Now it is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve this goal (naturally and naturally, only through food) by drinking 3 times a week, eating bread every day, pasta, sugar, candy. That’s why I say, do not tell me you want to DRY, if you REALLY are not willing. Because for this you have to give up many wishes. Does the result come? Comes! In 20 days? No! The process is long and time consuming and demands a lot from you, especially if you have never trained or dieted in your life. Of course, for an ex-athlete or a more conditioned person, the results appear more quickly, but that person did not have to make less effort (she has probably trained a lot in this life!)

Well that’s it! There is something new in there