Lose 7kg in one week!

If you believe in these type os post and click on those links like my mother , this post might help you


Nowadays, anyone really can open an account on social media and start talking about anything they want: Exercises, nutrition, fashion, even medicine… Now what most people don’t realize is that most of the time these social media influencers didn’t study the subject or even worse they get paid to advertise something that they don’t even use.

Really , think about it though…you see a post of someone saying how much they love ALL the products from a certain brand (but they have JUST received the goodies) , do you really think they had enough time to try all the products and say that all products are excellent???

Another example: someone posts about an exercise that will make you lose abdominal fat. Really? If there is a method that does not involve dieting and hard training to have a 6 pack, please share with the world and you will get rich!

But my favorite example is a post I saw a week ago:
” Hi guys, anybody know a miracle lotion to reduce abdominal circumference and also good to reduce cellulite?? I tried one from Nivea and didn’t see results!!”
I mean….you are not just bashing Nivea but you are being so nave….There is no magical cream, lotion, pill, a combination of diet and exercise will do!

There are a lot of good information out there, free that is actually very reliable, you just have to make sure you are following the right professionals and getting your information from reliable sources. I always try to get my information from actual case studies or from people with a high level of education on that subject. For example I exercise daily since I’m 10 years old (either playing sports or going to the gym) but I still need every now and then some new exercises to motivate me, so I go to some personal trainers account and get a few exercises and circuits to mix it up my training routine.

Even though I know a lot about nutrition , I don’t know it all so it always important to read new posts and articles from reliable sources. it is important to know the people you follow , the things you read so you don’t get your information crossed.

No one should use someone else’s diet!! What you see on social media is not that perfect! A photo shoot involves a lot of lighting and preparation and as I mentioned on a previous post hardly ever someone has that 6 pack all day long!