Interval Training – To cheer up your Friday!

On my last post I talked about how HIIT so today the topic is Interval Training (currently my favourite).
The interval training is different from HIIT especially because It has a good intensity but it is not too hard core and usually you last for a lot longer than 15-20 min and you don’t stop completely , you don’t give yourself time to recover, you have an active recovery such as jogging, doing jumping jacks or even doing biceps or push ups.
You can do this type of exercise in many ways , so I will put a few of them below:

Treadmill or outside:
A lot options here, I can’t really run on a treadmill maintaining same pace for too long..I get bored so I love this type of workout:

5 min warm up (10km/h)
1 min @ 14 km/h
1 min @ 12 km/h
1 min @ 14.5 km/h
1 min @ 12 km/h
1 min @ 15 km/h
1 min @ 12 km/h
You can do that progressively or you can reach 15km/h work backwards..14.5km/h ..14km/h..etc
I try for at least 30 minutes.


500m de run
20 pushups
40 mountain climbers
You can do this circuit as many time as you want and incorporate different exercises such as:
Kettlebell swing

Get creative! I like this type of circuit especially when I don’t feel like working out and not motivated because you really can’t cheat or run away! You are stuck on the circuit constantly moving and sweating. I always try to get a few tips from different social media profiles that I can rely on that have studied or have good professionals behind. I’ll talk more about that on another post 🙂