HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is commonly seem as the best type of workout , quick , efficient and burns more fat than any other cardio. Is this correct? Well…sort of .

HIIT it is a great type of cardio can save you a lot of time but It has to be done correctly.

You need to have 10-15 intervals where you are completely out of breath (sometimes you might be even dizzy) followed by 30-40s rest (completely)

Some people might get mistaken with an interval training which don’t get me wrong is GREAT but it is different. Here below I will give you a few types of HIIT. You can do some of them anywhere really.

Treadmill or Outside
Warm up 5 min (jogging)
30s sprint (I won’t specify the speed because it depends on each person- but I would say anywhere above 14.5 km/h)
30s rest

For 10 rounds

Jump Rope
1 min skipping 30s rest  (10 rounds)

Bike (the one I think it is the most effective)
30s really intense
30s really slow recovery
You can start with 20s to 40s rest (10 rounds)

Outside or in your living room
20s jump squat
30s rest  (7 rounds)

Battle rope
20s working
20s rest (max.)

There is no secret, basically you can do any exercise really intense for a few seconds and recover for 20-40s. The ideal is not give you much time to recovery and give you a quick workout where it will keep burning calories a lot longer than a regular 30 min steady cardio.Also remember that If you talk after your sprint or rest that means you need to increase the intensity , If you can do for longer than 20 min , you need to increase the intensity and If you are doing 5 or more times a week, STOP! You shouldn’t do more than 4x a week.