Flexible Dieting: Is it for you?

The more I research the more I see people wanting to lose weight while eating things they like, considered bad for you. Yes, of course you can lose weight eating hamburgers, chocolate, drinking beer etc. HOWEVER, if you spend all day sitting at a desk, going to the gym 3x a week and want EVERY day eat half bar of chocolate, that won’t happen my friend!
I will give you different scenarios:

Persona numero uno: “Active” work every day sitting at a desk and after work drives his/her car to the gym, lift hard for 1 hour and drives back home.

Person 2: Work sitting in at a desk all day and goes to the gym 3x a week

Person 3: Work on their feet for about 7 hrs a day . Doesn’t go the gym.

Person 4: Work on their feet for about 7 hrs a day and lift weights 5x a week

Who do you think can eat half of a tube of Ben and Jerry’s in the movies Friday night? Person 1, 2, 3 or 4?

You got right If you said 4 and maybe 1. Let’s say the person 2 and 3 would have to be moderate and eat just one scoop ! Lol

Jokes aside, what I like to say’: It is possible to have an enjoyable diet as long as you work hard for it. I love to use myself as an example!
Here: As my personality per say, I’m very active, I talk quite a lot ,I’m constantly moving, I ride my bike everywhere, I run 4x a week and lift weights 5x. I eat PLENTY of vegetables, salads, chicken, sweet potatoes (all home made) things really “healthy” to get all my vitamins and minerals BUT It has been already more than 4 months keeping the same weight, without gaining fat, running +25km/week and cycling. Why? Because I eat enough to neither gain or lose weight in “the end” (7 days). Yes of course weight will fluctuate but it will maintain the same overall hence why I don’t get attached to scales.
I do eat sweets, chocolates and an occasional burrito but I do workout hard. I used to be the one spending hours on cardio and not lifting and afraid of eating too much food to eat almost more than most men and manage a good, healthy body . If you follow me on social media you will see me eating ice creams, chocolate (I don’t like fast food) and having a few drinks (not now that I’m running) and still keeping my lean muscle mass and body fat at a good ratio, I don’t stay super lean all year round, I get tired of tracking my macros sometimes but I’m roughly the same, when I want to shred a bit I just change my macros.

If you are one of my clients and is super active, you most definitely know by now that I will include several things you consider “yummy” in your daily routine as long as you are ACTIVE, however If you do want to lose fat OR gain mass (both is IMPOSSIBLE!) you will need to devote more time to controlling your intake by weighing the food in the first few months to get a sense of the quantity