Ectomorph , Endomorph and Mesomorph: Which one is your body type?

We already know that we can’t or shouldn’t use someone else’s diet or training program because no one has the same body type, correct? Another important point It is to know what is your body type so you can tailor a better diet and exercise. (This is one of the steps I take once you buy one of my programmes ).

There are basically three different body types:
Endomorph: This body type will look heavier even with less than 10% BF , they will have thick rib cage, wide joints and hips and shorter limbs. Hard time to lose weight but can gain muscles easier than ectomorphs, usually these individuals are hungrier than others and tend to accumulate fat easier as well.
Mesomorph: This is probably what most people wish they were. Burns fat easily and put on muscles easily, have a more symmetrical type of body and usually eat in moderation and are able to maintain weight.
Ectomorph: Naturally, this individual will look skinnier than the others with less body fat and muscle tissue, narrow hips and clavicles, small joints and longer limbs. Easy to lose weight but hard time to gain muscle, tend to eat a lot and not gain any weight.
Once you get your body type figured out , you need to find the best diet and exercise specific for you. For example, if your body type is endomorph , a diet rich in carbohydrates might not be the best approach , where a diet with 20-30% carbs, 40-45% fat and 20-30% protein will probably give you better results.
The mesomorph can do a combination and a variation of a diet or what we call a carb cycling (possible in all body types depending on exercise regularity) 35% carb 35% fat 30% protein and mix these numbers up depending on training goals.

The ectomorph is your man or woman that a lot of people HATE! They can probably eat ice creams, mcdonalds, and all that fancy food and not gain one single pound (however , let’s keep it mind that a 80-90% (clean food) 20-10 (“dirty” food) is the best in order to get your micronutrients in). They will do great with carbohydrates and their diet should be 50% carbs, 25-30% protein and 15-25% fat.
If you haven’t figured out by now what is your body type, on the link below (English) you have a quick test that gives you a better idea and If after that you are still unsure about what is your best approach a good nutritionist can help you develop the best diet for you.