Are you sure this is good?

I’ve seen a lot of breakfast that for us Brazilians is considered BIZARRO, but here in Ireland is normal, for example: Eat a baguette (French bread) with ruffles inside and a coca 😞🔫. Needless to say this early, but each person with their culture and customs, but what I see a lot are people consuming fruits excessively as if they were to replace a rice a bean or as an afternoon snack. Fruits are rather a great choice of food, they are natural and contain several vitamins necessary for our day to day life. But quantity is something that people need to pay attention to. “It’s not chocolate, Jajá, I’m going to have to start eating the wind, right?”
The fruits should be consumed but not overdone, meaning it is not because the fruit is healthy that you will turn to Magali and eat a whole watermelon. Or suck a grape foot.
The composition of fruits is basically carbohydrate (glucose, fructose, sucrose, starch, pectin, cellulose) and fibers, they contain virtually zero fat and protein (except for coconut and avocado), so it is necessary to take into account that consuming fruits alone can Cause peaks of glycemia in your body, which ultimately decreases your metabolism and leading to easier accumulation of fat. So it is worth consuming the fruit always with a lot of nuts (2 nuts of Pará or 8 almonds or 8 cashews) to help keep the glycemic level controlled. If you opt for fruit as dessert there is no need to eat the nuts once you have had your meal.


One product that many people find healthy but is full of sugar is light yogurt, light Greek yogurt and cereal bars. What I always advise is: Read label and ingredients. The first listed ingredient is the highest quantity ingredient and thus goes in descending order. One example is the tasteful Greek zero yoghurt. You do not see any problem consuming them, correct? Low calorie, 0 fat … but look at the amount of ingredients listed !! Now see the difference for yogurt with no common flavor, of course the flavored one is tastier? Yes, maaaaas you can put cinnamon and a couple of drops of stevia in natural yogurt and I assure you that the taste will not be bad !! You can also add 100% cocoa, or even a tablespoon of whey. Another way is to put the seeds of the chia in yogurt and leave overnight in the refrigerator, the next day the size will have folded and looks like porridge! Do not stay focused on the nutritional chart and calories, actually see the products you are consuming in the ingredients list.


The cereal bars are another deception! Nowadays there are many bars made with only 4 or 5 ingredients, but most bars contain so much ingredient that half of them you do not even know what it is, or you think like me … How can they put so much into something so small little.


This below is a little brand of a famous brand that says to be gluten free, lactose free, hence the person goes there and tum! Purchase! Look at the ingredients, compare to the second bar that uses dates to sweeten and does not contain preservatives.


Ingredients: Peanut, cashew nut, Pará nut, glucose syrup, sugar, almond, raisins, maltodextrin, palm oil, salt, soy lecithin emulsifier and natural antioxidant tocopherol. GLUTEN-FREE. ALLERGIC: CONTAINS PEANUT, CAJU CHESTNUT, PARÁ CHESTNUT, ALMOND AND SOYBEAN DERIVATIVES.


Hart’s Natural Brand Pecan Bar
Dates and pecan nuts.


For those who live in Dublin, I really like Nakd bars where you can find it in any supermarket or health food store. And for yogurt the best of all for me is the Greek Natural Glenisk.


Good people this is it! It’s not to go crazy and not stop eating, or just eat thing that has 3 ingredients but it’s just for you not to consume it thinking that you are doing everything right but it is not working!