The girl behind the Masotti Nutrition

Julia developed a passion for nutrition and healthy lifestyle back when she started playing tennis. The passion for the sport motivated her to keep studying and training hard to achieve her goals. In 2005 when she went to United States to play tennis for Southeast Missouri State University she decided to pursue a career in Dietetics where she graduated in 2009 . After moving to Dublin, Ireland in 2014  she started to create new recipes using natural and wholefood ingredients. She also holds a Level 3 Fitness Diploma where it enhanced her knowledge on the exercise science subject after years playing tennis competitively.

Her goal is to help her clients achieve their dream body through a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Food can be the medicine for many diseases but can also be a silent killer hence why people need appropriate guidance and professionals. Once she heard that to become a success at anything you need 10,000 hours of practice, so don’t ever give up on something without at least trying, you will never know If you are capable of surfing If you never try, you will never know If you are capable of changing a habit If you never try. It only takes 21 days to break up a habit 😉